Peter Roper @ Stone Manor!
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Huddle at Christmas at Stone Manor!
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I have been a member of the Family Business Practice for 12 months and always enjoy the opportunity the practice provides to learn and work with fellow members. Peter Roper is an inspiring leader and facilitator of the sessions.  Providing thought-provoking subject content through a check-in session, quality networking in connect session, or creating learning sessions through his many business programmes I feel that the practice is a fundamental part of my business" Jamie Pratt Stockton Business Consulting

"I've been privileged to attend Peter's Family Business Practice events over the last couple of years and they amazing events. Peter's energy is stunning and his dedication to helping family businesses and their owners is without measure.

If you've not had the chance to speak to Peter or attend one of his events then I highly recommend it. Really appreciate everything you do and thank you" 
Dave James Coaching

‘It’s a room full of lovely people who are good at what they do.” Nicholas Lee

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