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Professional Development Group: How would you like a simple way of producing a sixty-second pitch?
How would you like a simple way of producing a sixty-second pitch?
Have you ever…
Had (or perhaps have!) that fear of standing up and giving the sixty-second pitch of your business?
Been to a face-to-face event and the thought of breakfast before standing up leaves you with a nervous tummy?
Wondered why some people seem to have this down to a fine art yet others seem to simply waffle?
Would you like…
A guaranteed, proven and simple method to make this nightmare turn into something where you can feel comfortable, safe and enthusiastic?
Peter will share a process that he has shared with over 500,000 people and quite simply …. IT WORKS!!!

Practice Connect Professional Development is a significant interest group aimed specifically to provide learning and development strategies and tactics for professionals. As with all events in the practice, anyone can attend this event as we have an open policy but be aware the content is deliberately aimed at this specific area.

The zoom based session is just 72 minutes long, professionally moderated and there will be limited time to network with attendees

Connect and Check-In sessions are open to members and guests (guests please note you can attend a maximum of two sessions in a year) - however, why not join and enjoy all the sessions!

The session is open to members and non-members and is free of charge.

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This group is Moderated by Claire Hill of Hill HR and Dawn Tuck of FBC Manby Bowdler