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How to set realistic goals for your videos and track their success
While video marketing is a vital tool for businesses it’s not a silver bullet. This session will help you get better results by tracking the success of each campaign. 
  • Why you should be thinking beyond the vanity metrics!
  • Make your call to action congruent with your goal
  • Video analytics and how to track them 

Family Business Practice Tech Monthly
We are constantly being asked, “How to….?” Questions at the practice – in fact, we ask a lot of them ourselves!

So, by popular demand, we are running a new series of monthly events looking to answer the burning questions of the day!

Introduced by The Family Businessman and Founder of the practice Peter Roper we will have regular slots from Rich Brown of QBD and Dave Bird of Small Biz Digital Media plus many other guests.

Our intention in January is to ask a series of questions of our members of what they want covering and will confirm the itinerary nearer the time!
So if you have a tech question this is the place to be so, do book on!!!

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