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Technical and Creative Development Group

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If technical or creative development is important to you (and we certainly feel it is a very high priority!) then let Jay Rixon and Graham Baylis explain in the video below (with a little help from Founder Peter Roper!) what this group is about and how it can help you.

The Technical and Creative Group is a special interest group aimed specifically to provide learning and development strategies and tactics for individuals and organisations specialising in these areas. As with all events in the practice, anyone can attend the events as we have an open policy but be aware the content is deliberately aimed at this specific area.

Content is typically aimed at IT providers, software providers and support, web marketing, social media, video production, event management, copywriting, design and many more!
Jay Rixon Lansalot
Businesses are giving their workforce the option to work from home in these unprecedented times... BUT customers should never be able to tell.

If your phone calls go through to a personal voicemail, what impression is that giving the customer about your business? If your emails are going unanswered, how many customers are you losing?

For the only IT and Communications support you will ever need, WHEREVER you choose to work, plus the best recommendations from a trusted company giving you easy access to people who care, gain guaranteed results by calling Lansalot Limited.
Graham Baylis Serendipity Online Marketing

Every business needs to be visible, it needs to be ‘findable’, to be at least amongst its competitors, if not above them.

Visibility of course comes and is ‘won’ in many different ways, by Networking, running podcasts, being highly active on Social Media, TV or radio adverts, doing something for charity and of course by being ranked Google.

This is the area that I specialise in and, more importantly, have 21 years of experience to call upon, not to mention many systems and information systems, all of which are essential to my trade.

My mission is to help businesses become more visible on Google and remove the ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ surrounding the art and science of Search Engine Optimisation.

"Why are am I excited?

They say that every day we all learn something new and that for me is so very true. And I doubt I am alone when I say that this new knowledge leads me to the conclusion that I know far less than I thought I did, a sobering thought for one and all.

The Technical and Creative Development Group cannot hope to inform everyone about everything, even in this narrow context. But we can raise awareness of key innovations as well as draw attention to old issues that still cause problems today.

It’s going to be all about HELPING people and for that reason alone, I am very excited to be involved." Graham Baylis


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