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About Peter Roper

“I don't think there's another speaker in the world that knows more about family businesses (in other words most businesses) than Peter Roper. He is a rare talent on stage, delivers great advice, and is the most charming and likeable man on and off stage. I recommend him unreservedly.”
Alan Stevens
Peter Roper is a family business specialist with over forty-five years of experience in both owning and helping family businesses. Peter aka "The Family Business Man" offers facilitated training and development programmes for both family businesses and organisations who wish to create long-term, substantial, and effective relationships with family businesses.
Following a major and highly successful corporate career (where he was responsible for a business that turned over no less than £38 million), he threw caution to the wind and set up his own consultancy business in 1996. Since then, he has had six family businesses of his own and has helped literally thousands of family businesses.

Peter founded the Family Business Practice in 2014 which is a member-driven, encouraging, supportive, educational, vibrant and proactive community of family businesses providing well over one hundred online and offline events a year. This is now a thriving and growing community that meets on a regular basis, both online and offline, to help get more business, be able to sleep better at night and work with partners who they know, like, and trust!
In a twenty-seven-year multi-award-winning speaking career Peter has spoken to well over 750,000 delegates. As a Past National President, Fellow, and board member of the Professional Speaking Association, Peter was given the Professional Speaking Award for Excellence in 2019 – only a handful of people hold this prestigious accolade.
Peter is the author of six books including the best seller “...And Death Came Third!” the highly acclaimed “It’s a Family Business” and most recently The Reputation Gap.

Would you like a Happy, Successful AND Profitable Family Business?

TAKE ONE simple action right now by watching a short video, and if you are interested, book a complimentary consultation with Peter!

Would you like to learn how to work with, create and maintain long-term relationships with family businesses?

TAKE ONE simple action right now by watching a short video, and if you are interested, book a complimentary consultation with Peter!
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Peter has a variety of training and development programmes and all are low investment and high return options.

Peter provides personal consultancy in the following key areas:
  • Team Skills
  • Business skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Skills and Development
  • People Development
  • Reputation Creation and Development
  • Multi-Generation Development
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Natural Presentation
  • Networking Strategy and Implementation

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Peter Roper Family Business Practice

Business Champion Innovation Thought Leader
Innovation Awards 2022
Highly Commended.

Whilst we didn’t win, we effectively came second with a special High Commendation Award which for a business like ours against some huge names was more than a win! Our thanks to Richard Fallon and all at the Technology Supply Chain for a great event.