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Peter Roper is the Family Business Man

For the last 40 years, I’ve worked in business development – initially in the corporate world, and FOR THE LAST TWENTY FIVE YEARS with family firms – just like yours.

So what makes me qualified to help?

Over the last three decades, I’ve run six family businesses.

Three have been stunning successes and three have been fantastic failures. I’ve experienced the joy of winning and the despair of losing everything (and I know which I prefer).

I know what it’s like to:
  • Work for yourself (doing something that you love)
  • Provide for your children and even create a legacy to pass on
  • Work effectively with those closest to you
In the early days, it was just Anny and I. (She’s my wife and best friend). But now that our two amazing daughters and son are grown up, Sara Beth, Hazel, and Chris play an integral part in our businesses too.

And whilst financial success has been great (and it’s transformed our lifestyle), the ‘working together’ has been the most rewarding part.

So if you’d like to create a successful company that enhances your family’s life, let me show you how business development can help.
Helping Family Business Owners Succeed With Business Development Strategies Designed Exclusively For Family Firms
I LOVE questions!

And here’s a really important one for family business owners (just like you)…

What would it take to make your family firm a success?

Now I’m sure you’ve given this question A LOT of thought.

After all, clarity has a profound impact on your family (and your company).

That’s because once you’re clear on what you need to do to be successful, you can think strategically, set goals, and make the right stuff happen.

Family business development can help you achieve all of the above (and more).

The alternative is to get stuck in the ‘here and now’ – and feel frustrated by your lack of progress.

So right now you have a choice…  
  • Continue as you are
  • Or explore this five-minute taster and see for yourself how business development can powerfully transform your family and your business
Sharing practical tools, resources, and strategic advice to help you achieve your business goals

When you want to grow and achieve long-term family business success, you can’t rely on a quick fix.

Instead, you need clarity on the bigger picture.

That way you can achieve specific goals and create sustainable opportunities, to help your business thrive now and for the next generation.

That’s why family business development involves so much more than making more sales tomorrow.

It’s about building and leveraging relationships, honing processes, and nailing your marketing so that you can create sustainable, incremental growth.

In fact, your journey to success is as unique as your business (and your family) – and we’re here to help.

Business development advice that’s tailored for family-run firms

Over the years, I’ve studied, practised, and tested scores of business development tools and strategies and I’ve weeded out the best stuff to share with you.

I’ve also made some important observations with regards to family businesses.

You see it’s smart to seek out business strategies that work. Whilst trial and error is invaluable, it makes sense to learn how others have succeeded – and then implement those tactics into your own business. It’s the quickest way to grow.

But if you rely on generic advice, you’ll stumble upon a BIG problem.

That’s because most business advice is either too ‘corporate’ or fails to take ‘the family’ into account. And as a family business owner you know it’s IMPOSSIBLE to separate the family element from the business – the two are completely entwined and interlinked (which is just as it should be).

So if you want tried-and-tested business development tactics that are proven to work in family firms, here’s your starting point…

Discover how to create long-term, sustainable growth and success for your family-run firm

Family businesses (like yours) must also manage generational differences, succession planning, and family relationships in ADDITION to everything else!

These influences never crop up in non-family-run firms. But if YOU ignore these factors, you will struggle to achieve the success that you want in your business and home.

And it’s this focus on family first, business second, which makes advice from the Family Business Man a little different. ALL our business development work focuses on what’s important for family businesses – and that’s why it works.

I understand that you want your family business to be more successful.

And whether that means a bigger business, more money in the bank, or more time at home, an investment in business development can help you take the decisions and steps needed to succeed, even if it simply means you have a FULL FRIDGE AT HOME!

And I’m here to help you every step of the way.

To kick-start your family business development journey, simply get in touch with me directly by phone, email, or social media – I always reply personally.

Remember ‘Family Businesses Matter!’

Here’s to your success…

Peter Roper

The Family Business Man

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