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Peter Roper – The Family Businessman
“I don't think there's another speaker in the world that knows more about family businesses (in other words most businesses) than Peter Roper. He is a rare talent on stage, delivers great advice, and is the most charming and likeable man on and off stage. I recommend him unreservedly.”
Alan Stevens
Peter Roper has spent over forty years pinpointing the growth drivers that help prosperous businesses across the globe to grow.
Following a major and highly successful corporate career (where he was responsible for a business that turned over no less than £38 million), Peter threw caution to the wind and set up his own consultancy business in 1996. Since then, he has had six family businesses of his own and has helped literally thousands of family businesses.
A published bestselling author of five books, a multi-award-winning speaker, Peter has spoken to over 500,000 delegates across several countries. As the Past National President, Fellow and past board member of the Professional Speaking Association, Peter was given the Professional Speaking Award for Excellence in 2018 – only a handful of people hold this prestigious accolade.

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In 2015 Peter formed the Family Business Practice, wanting a place of comfort for family businesses. This is now a thriving and growing community of over one hundred and eighty businesses that meet on a regular basis to help get more business, be able to sleep at night and work with partners who they know, like and trust!

Any of these questions seem familiar?

Do you need to get more business?

Finding running your own business more challenging than you expected?

Working with your family is not what you thought it would be?

Looking to pass the business over to the next generation?

Want to sell the business but don’t know how to?

Finding people, particularly staff to be challenging?

Need an experienced eye to help facilitate change?

Need to get better at networking and speaking in public?

Then perhaps a simple exploratory and complimentary session with Peter would be a good start…

Simply call 0777 55 26387 or email peter@familybusinessman.com

Go on you know you want to!

Peter has a variety of training and development programmes available to members, all are either low investment and high return options or occasionally even attract government funding.

Peter provides personal consultancy in the following key areas:
  • Multi-Generation Development
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Natural Presentation
  • Networking Strategy and Implementation
  • Team Skills
  • Business skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Skills and Development
  • People Development
  • Member Support Programme
To understand more simply get in touch with Peter Roper to understand the latest opportunities peter@familybusinessman.com

Case Studies,Interviews and our Member Support Programme with Peter for download

Jukes Case Study
Member Support Programme