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The really useful Family Business Handbook!

As a member of the Practice, how would you like to have your details placed in the hands of the decision-maker at over one hundred and fifty manufacturing businesses in the West Midlands? With a strong recommendation to have a conversation?

At last, we are producing a really useful Handbook!

Yes, after years of requests we are producing details of our members, however, we are taking this opportunity to do much more than have a simple list…
The thing is, if we just produced a booklet of names and business details, we all know from experience the only thing that is likely to happen is it will probably prop up a desk somewhere!
So we thought... ‘How could we make it a really useful product?'...and then we came up with the answer!

"We have used it in the practice support programme to great effect."

Most of our practice members know that Peter Roper uses a Five Step process for being more efficient, more focused and frankly more relaxed in our day-to-day activities. We loved the idea of reproducing it in the handbook to provide real value to the recipient.
Individuals can look and review how to make the most of each and every day, and in doing so, also be exposed to great articles, opportunities for consultancy, networking, speaking, events, tips, techniques, promotions and much, much more!
The majority of this Handbook content will be provided by participating practice members and have a real marketing campaign behind it.

We have floated the idea with several members already, all of whom loved the idea and said, ‘Where can I get a Handbook as useful as that and can I be a part of the campaign?’

But hang on a minute, how are we going to deliver this?

Well, we are teamed up with the Training and Manufacturing Group whose sales team are excited at the prospect of giving something to their members that provides real value, including special offers from both our members and theirs – so win-win!
…and of course, promote our membership to TMG members!
So, what’s not to like?
By now we are sure you want to take advantage of this, but can we make a suggestion?
Most of you are very happy to provide an hour of your time for free when meeting a potential client. So why not do so in the Handbook as part of your offering? (don’t worry you can control this quite easily by saying you have limited availability so don’t feel you are committing to hundreds of free hours!).
But to a few select businesses who are keen on your services, why wouldn’t you do that?
We can discuss a simple way forward to promote this, however, if everyone offers the same then how powerful would this Handbook be and what an opportunity!
And all we ask of the prospect is they join the practice to get this offer which is how we all win.
There are three packages available to you and we urge you to sign up quickly as there is only space for so many... so truly first come first served.
Simply chose the package you want, fill in the details, pay to reserve your spot and we can move on from there...

The next step after sign up will be for you to supply artwork for the advert - we will drop you a line of what we will need from you then!
…and as ever thank you for supporting both this initiative and the Family Business Practice.
We have three pricing options to suit all pockets.
**      in all cases Artwork to be provided to a spec set by us and at advertisers cost
**      Fees do not attract vat
***    Participation in the free consultancy programme is for specifically sponsors purchasing packs 2  and 3
****  This offer is open to Practice members only, non-members please apply, in the first instance to Peter Roper:

Package 1 - £42

I want a simple four-line entry, plus alphabetical listing, and one Handbook.
Package 2 - £135

I want package 1 plus a FULL-PAGE ADVERT and three Handbooks...

... and yes I will give a limited amount of my free time to potential clients with this fantastic opportunity!
Package 3 - £595

I want packages 1 and 2, PLUS a TWO-PAGE ADVERT/ADVERTORIAL and ten Handbooks.

Two personalised presentation opportunities at Practice events.

Representation at joint FBP and TMG events.

Plus a personalised coaching call from Peter Roper for an individual or team…
"When we heard about this initiative we committed immediately. The opportunity to position ourselves in a publication that not only delivers terrific value but is also circulated to our target market was irresistible – and for such a small investment! We recommend practice members do the same quickly before the page limit is reached !"
William Withers
Crystal Thought