Family Businesses need to keep it simple – five things you can do to make life better!

Family Businesses need to keep it simple – five things you can do to make life better!

As I write this, I am surrounded by things which need doing, but are stacking up with no sign of a let-up!

'So what?' you might say – you should see what I am facing!

The truth is in recent weeks I have been working hard and, on most days, I have been playing catch up. That is until very recently when I remembered some worldly advice passed onto me by the wise and, of course, it has made a difference!

So, I now pass the advice onto you with the same hope as they in that it will make your life a little easier:

Get fit mentally and physically
I have been doing Yoga and Pilates every day since lockdown in March – I have lost ten kilos, my stats are the best they have been for a good while and hopefully, I am as sharp as I can be.

De-clutter your business
If you are struggling with too much around you either lose stuff or get someone to help you. In our case we now have an expert helping us with social media and marketing and frankly, we should have done it ages ago!

Help others
Help someone in need, it will make you feel good and what more could you ask for? By the way, be prepared to help others without thought of reward for yourself. If you see someone that needs a hand just help!

Spend time with the family
Well, I would say that! However, if you cannot physically meet have a zoom date. Set up a Saturday evening dinner date, both cook the same thing and just chat. You will find it good fun and good for the soul.

Concentrate on just five things a day (with thanks to Jack Canfield!)
I had forgotten this wonderful suggestion…

I simply schedule five things I need to do for the day – no long lists and I attempt to achieve all five. If I finish early great and if it takes longer so be it! I have the day mapped out and frankly, it takes the pressure away.

I do not say these things always work but I have found them to be helpful and in a surprising amount of ways.

Why not give them a try?

By the way, if one of your five a day is to meet people why not visit the umpteen people available to you through the Family Busines Practice?
 – and help them with their five a day!

Go on you know you want to!

Until next time,


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