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Peter's #Thought4TheWeek: Is your family business in Spring mode?

Peter's #Thought4TheWeek: Is your family business in Spring mode?

As I look out through our bedroom window at our garden today, I can’t help but notice how much it has changed in just a few short days.

Last week it was still quite dormant, the hedge was in winter mode and there was a lack of colour. The trees had no leaves and were looking threadbare. The birds were all hunting around as they do but with very little cover from predators and with little food available. Today I can hear the sparrow calling, looking for his mate, but can’t see him as he is in that same hedge which is now full of leaves providing generous cover. Flowers are starting to appear and the trees, seemingly out of nowhere, have suddenly got buds and leaves forming as well and all in less than a week! The sun is higher, the temperature is rising and after the recent rain, the grass is taking on a lush look that was simply not there a few days ago.

Yes, folks I do believe (whisper it!) Spring is here in earnest – hooray, I made another one!

I would love to say our garden looks to be shaping up nicely, however, if it does it certainly isn’t of my doing. I cut the grass, dig where I am told to and obey the commands of Alan Titchmarsh when appropriate. I am not a gardener, however Anny fortunately is! But I do understand the necessity to lay the foundations for a successful garden.

What’s the point, Peter?

For many family businesses the last two years, and in particular the months since Christmas, we have been laying foundations as we attempt to run a business more in tune with our new reality.

The truth is, like it or not, the business world has changed and is moving on different paths. Some are winning, some are losing that’s the nature of business unfortunately and we simply must do what’s necessary to survive and thrive.

However, one thing I have learned is that we need to feed and water our business just like the garden. This means we must market our business for all its worth. We must use face to face meetings, zoom meetings, regular email correspondence, social media, ezines etc in fact whatever we have at our disposal to tell people what we can do. Unless you believe in a magic client tree?

So, if you have not been doing so GET MARKETING NOW! We certainly are…

We have a new social media programme, a new Ezine, a video programme to be launched and several other initiatives – lots of work but very necessary.

How about you? What are you doing to get yourself out there? We would really love to hear from you.

One way of marketing is the Family Business Practice: we have online and offline events, lunchtime HUDDLE, days at the races and many more ways to communicate what we and our members do.

Until the next time…

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