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Five things to do when on holiday from your business

Five things to do when on holiday from your business

Ok as you read this I have been in Center Parcs in Ireland with the family for a well-earned rest. Ok the weather wasn't like the picture above but ever an optimist!

Here are the five main suggestions Google suggests you should do when on holiday... you be the judge, as I know many of you are taking a break shortly for Easter etc. 

Do read my thoughts at the bottom!

1. Reflect on Your Professional Journey

A holiday is the perfect time for reflection. Take a step back and evaluate your recent consulting projects. What successes did you celebrate? What challenges did you face? Reflection allows you to gain insights into your professional growth and areas for improvement. Keeping a journal can be a helpful tool for this process, enabling you to document your thoughts and ideas that can be revisited and acted upon once you return.

2. Engage in Professional Reading

While it's crucial to give your mind a rest, allocating a small portion of your holiday for professional reading can be incredibly beneficial. Choose books or articles that inspire you or provide new perspectives on family business consulting. This doesn't mean pouring over dense industry reports; instead, opt for materials that spark creativity and new ideas, enriching your consultancy approach with fresh insights.

3. Network in a Relaxed Setting

Holidays can provide unique networking opportunities in a more relaxed setting. Whether it’s attending a casual workshop, a conference related to your field, or simply striking up conversations with people you meet during your travels, networking doesn’t have to stop. These interactions can offer new perspectives and opportunities in a more personal and less formal environment.

4. Plan for the Future

Use this time away from the day-to-day demands of your job to think about the big picture. What are your long-term goals? How can you align your current projects with these objectives? Planning for the future, setting new goals, or even pondering the next steps for your consultancy can be more effective when you’re relaxed and away from the pressure of immediate deadlines.

5. Recharge Your Batteries

Last but not least, remember to relax and enjoy your holiday. Spend time with family and friends, indulge in your hobbies, and ensure you get plenty of rest. Recharging your batteries is crucial for maintaining the energy and enthusiasm required for your demanding role. A well-rested consultant is more creative, patient, and effective in managing the complexities of family businesses.

We all know it is very hard to take a holiday from our business. 

All the above suggestions are good however my thoughts are simple - do your best to get everything done before hand and then try and relax as much as possible....

and if you are with Family enjoy them most of all!!!

Until the next time…

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