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Recognize that you might need to fall back in love with your business…Peter's #Thought4TheWeek

Recognize that you might need to fall back in love with your business…Peter's #Thought4TheWeek

Recognize that you might need to fall back in love with your business…

Last week Anny and I went to the local cinema to see Julia Roberts and George Clooney in “Ticket to Paradise” which if you haven’t heard is a rom-com set in Bali (although shot in Australia courtesy of covid).

It’s an easy hour and three-quarters and without giving the story away their characters used to be married, and are still bitter post-divorce but are in Bali for their daughter’s wedding. You can guess what happens, it’s a romcom after all, and given the two actors, it’s natural that they have feelings again for each other. Yes, I know depending upon your persuasion who wouldn’t have feelings for Julia or George? After all, that’s how they have maximized their box office success for the past thirty years!

What’s nice is the clear chemistry between them and if you see the various promotional interviews, it’s not an act as they are real-life friends, and it shows.

What the film reminded me of is that we all need to remember what we have.

No this isn’t about me and Anny – we will be married for thirty-nine years in May and lucky for me I am still married to my best friend.

Perhaps, bizarrely you might feel, I was actually thinking about the Family Business Practice and how it has evolved in recent years.

At the start of the lockdown, we had just finished a brand-new website that we had to junk just weeks after launch. The various marketing materials that had also been produced are still sitting in a box some two and a half years later never to be used. The business changed fundamentally and along the way, particularly very recently, I felt frankly tired and jaded.

Wants the point, Peter?

Sometimes in a relationship, you must work through it and fall back in love.

Recognize that it is just the same with a business as a personal relationship…you must keep working at it and recognize that a spark might be missing at some point.

Now in this case love might not be a word you associate with your business, although my experience is those individuals who really love what they do have a better life.

If not love, try the word spark.

And do something about it!

For me, the spark has come back with a bang as we are organizing a series of face-to-face events back at the home of the Family Business Practice – Hogarth’s Stone Manor. I can’t wait to see our members' faces enjoying our personal brand of events again and how things have progressed for us all.

It’s given me a boost of energy and in its own way helped me to fall back in love with a business that is now in its eighth year.

Or if you like it has given me back that spark.

So how about you?

How about the business?

How about your clients?

Time to take action…

If you have a client who needs help, go help them.

If you have a family member in the business that needs a lift, go lift them.

And if you need something, go find it.

And fall back in love with your business.

Until the next time…

I have introduced a simple tip of the week by request and this quarter it is on the most important of matters in business – TRUST.

Take note below and do look out for our new initiatives – you won’t be disappointed!

The Family Business Practice is a vibrant learning and development community full of great people and businesses who in many cases give their time and expertise to help others, PLUS do business together where appropriate!

CLICK HERE to see the latest events and book on soon – you will be glad you did.

Go on you know you want to!

Until the next time…


Peter Roper The Family Business Man

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